Studio 4D : création sonore et videographique - musique d'attente, habillage de chaîne et clip video Alsace - Lorraine - Strasbourg - Colmar - Mulhouse - Paris
video chart for visitor reception Studio 4D - videographic chart for firm and company Alsace on-site filming


3D modelling
visitor reception
visitor reception
telephone reception

title sequences

Studio 3d - movie clip
video chart video illustration image film publicitaire film conventionel film for company and firm

Image clip vidéo pour accueil visiteur VIDEO CHART FOR VISITOR RECEPTION
création videographiqueHighly attractive video illustrations of your business and products in tune with your musical identity, combining conventional film and synthesised images for looped projection at exhibitions and thematic commercial or educational presentations.

création videographique- On-site filming of production, research facilities and product applications in high definition (16:9).

création videographique- 3D modelling to insert fictional images for insertion into video images.

création videographique- Creation of an animated graphics system with subject-based features and material. The chart will be taken up in different forms for titles, insert titles and brand-name recaps.

création videographique- Endless looping for continuous playback.

création videographique- Recording of commentaries in different languages by professional speakers


When it comes to capturing attention, creating a surprise effect and stimulating interest, scientific and technical know-how should be matched by artistic enhancement of equal excellence - even in very busy areas or when introducing a presentation.

image film d'entreprise
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image reportage video
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Socomec film
images, espace d’exposition





Socomec film
images, film de démonstration image film publicitaire
image habillage d’antenne


video chart and film
image Credit music


Jean-Michel Kanner

image Jean-Michel Kanner


image Company film


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Studio 4D : création sonore et videographique - musique d'attente, habillage de chaîne et clip video